Insight Rebrand

Helping a business stay relevant after 25 years

The Problem

After 25 years in the design industry, Insight's brand had become stale. They were looking for a way to craft their message and help stay competitive in the market..

The Solutions

As an internal group, we developed a set of brand pillars and messaging that laid the foundation for four distinct brand directions for Insight to select from.

Brand Drivers & Keywords
We developed a set of drivers based on our internal survey about what makes the business unique. We used these pillars to develop a set of brand keywords that served as the elements we could push and pull on to develop different brand directions.

Brand Exploration 1
One of the big differentiators for Insight is their ability to bring prototypes to life thanks to their large engineering team. For this direction we pushed up the technical aspect of the brand through photography focused on details of the products and the strong use of the grid.

Brand Exploration 2
For this direction we played up the humanistic side of Insight. Known for their in-depth research, we focused on people and used a warmer color palette.

The Process

Employee Survey

We started the process with a quick survey sent out to the employees of Insight, asking what the brand represented to them. We used the survey as the starting point for identifying the gaps between what the culture of Insight is like and what the current brand represents.

Competitive Audit

We also looked at competitors in the industry to see how they were communicating their brand and culture.


February 2012

My Role

During the Insight Rebrand, I lead the team in the rebrand effort. I also contributed to the designs of the brand directions and served as the point person to the leadership team to keep them involved in the process.